Caramel Apple Spice Cake by Michelle Lynn

How Baker Spotlight Got Started

Being a lover of all food, dessert, and baking, Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer Rushion McDonald would often post photos to his social media sites of desserts he baked for family and friends. Comments started pouring in from fans posting photos of their own homemade desserts. “I quickly realized how talented my fans were and I wanted to give them the recognition they deserved,” Rushion said.

In October 2016, Rushion started posting his fan’s homemade desserts, such as Janét’s Banana Nilla Wafer Cake and Patricia’s Sweet Potato Pound Cake. Rushion’s Baker Spotlight is now a fan favorite and homemade recipes are added every week. Domino® Sugar and Perfect Company have joined in on the fun to offer giveaways to top bakers. Enjoy this free library of recipes and Become A Featured Baker too!

How Rushion Discovered Baking

Rushion McDonald: a corporate executive-turned-comedian, Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer, writer, mentor, father, award-winning baker and so much more. Rushion was first introduced to baking when he was tricked into making a bundt cake on Steve Harvey’s talk show. “When they pranked me, I told myself, ‘I’m going to show them — I’m going to make three bundt cakes!”’ Rushion remembers. “Just to show you how little I knew, I thought it took one 5-pound bag of flour, one 5-pound bag of sugar and a dozen eggs to make just one bundt cake. So when I came home from the store, I had 36 eggs, 15 pounds of flour, 15 pounds of sugar, vanilla extract and a bunch of other stuff. When I finally looked at a recipe and made everything, I barely used one bag of flour. I had so much left over that I had to keep baking to use it up.” The rest is history. The more Rushion baked, the more creative he got. He invented his own Brown Sugared Monkey Bread, his favorite dessert to bake, and added pumpkin to a childhood favorite, Sweet Potato Pie, to come up with Sweet Pumpkin Pie. He baked for himself, friends, family, and of course, his coworkers and crew behind the scenes at his TV shows.

In September 2015, Rushion was introduced to the Perfect Bake® Smart Scale + Recipe App, which allows anyone, regardless of experience, to make perfect baked goods every time. The Bluetooth-enabled smart scale connects wirelessly to the free Perfect Bake® recipe app, which comes preloaded with hundreds of recipes to choose from. Each interactive recipe leads the baker through step-by-step and allows them to just pour ingredients as the scale measures by weight and the virtual bowl fills up in real time on screen – no measuring cups or spoons are required! “I could make everything from Green Pea and Onion Salad and Thanksgiving Dressing, to Carrot Cupcakes and my Brown Sugared Monkey Bread. Quickly after meeting the creators of the Perfect Bake® PRO Scale, Rushion became their spokesperson and Brand Ambassador. You can now find Rushion’s original recipes on the Perfect Bake® Interactive App. Rushion’s newest project is ”Perfect Bake® Time with Rushion McDonald,” a free video baking series featuring 30+ of his southern-inspired baking recipes from the Perfect Bake® app, including classics like Baked Banana Pudding, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Brown Sugared Monkey Bread, Sweet Potato Pie, Apple Turnovers, Coconut Cake, Raisin Bread Pudding, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Peach Cobbler. Click to view Perfect Bake® Time with Rushion McDonald and learn more about the Perfect Bake® Smart Scale.

Rushion McDonald is a two-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, a three-time NAACP Image Award Winner, and entertainment industry mogul producing top television shows and movies. In addition to building the Steve Harvey global media brand, Rushion’s list of production credits include The Parkers, The Jamie Foxx Show, Sister, Sister, Family Feud, Evidence of Innocence, Money Making Conversations, and the films Think Like a Man and Think Like a Man Too.